Accessible Culture Performances


A breakthrough musical play for all children, specially conceived for the hearing impaired, in which one sees and touches the sounds.


A unique show combining music, play and science - Inspired by Beethoven’s life story, who despite his deafness continued to compose masterpieces. The orchestra's frequencies are processed in real time, creating a new accessible way of experiencing music - via sight and touch, using Cymatics based technology (the science of sound waves effect on matter). Enjoyable and fascinating for all children. A story about friendship, the human spirit and its ability to overcome disabilities.

Focus: Hearing impairment

Suitable age: 4-11


2. AUTISTA LIVE | Daniel Amit 

Daniel is a true multi-talent: singer, guitarist, pianist, songwriter, comics artist; he’s also been diagnosed with high functioning autism.

He sang with leading Israeli artists such as Aviv Geffen and Rita, performed alongside Avi Singolda, Shalom Hanoch, Peer Tasi, Ilay Botner and many others. He made his public debut as a participant in the reality TV series ‘The X Factor’. In this show Daniel tells his story, shares his fears and dreams while reading, showcasing his comics, playing and singing covers as well as original songs. From an insider point of view he shares and opens the window to the unknown world of autism while breaking the false stigma surrounding high functioning autism. He asks society not give up on autistic people but on the contrary to embrace, learn and gain from their difference and talent.

Director: Hagai Sahray

Focus: Autism

Suitable age: 14-99



A unique listening experience in complete darkness in which masterpieces will be performed without any visual connection between the musicians, the conductor or the audience.

A rare opportunity to disconnect from the inevitable stimulations of day-to-day life and the chance to dive into the wonderful world of music through darkness, as those who cannot see experience it. 

The program includes masterpieces of great classical composers such as Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Strauss and many others. The performances will include orchestras, choirs, duets and trios, all of which will be placed in different areas of the hall creating a surrounding sound effect. 

Focus: Visual Impairment

Suitable age: 15-99



A latino style concert series made accessible to hearing impaired audiences, in honor of International  World Hearing Day taking place on March 6th 2019.

A series of Latino style concerts, made accessible to the hearing impaired, will be held around Israel, using Hebrew subtitles, sign language, earphones and broadcasts to hearing devices using Infrared wireless technology. 
The concerts will showcase the great Misa Criolla by Argentinian composer Ariel Ramirez. Katango group will also perform songs and tangos in Spanish and Hebrew such as Piazzolla and Gardel, accompanied by live tango dance performances.

Focus: Hearing  Impairment

Suitable age: 16-99


5. FROM COMBAT TO ART  | Ron Weinreich

Ron Weinreich, a former tank commander, was seriously injured during the 2nd Lebanon war. In this performance, alongside his band, he creates a spectacular artistic journey that incorporates memories, music as well as his personal stories. 

Ron joined the IDF in august 2004. Following a commander course, he reached the position of tank commander. In the summer of 2006 he took part in the second Lebanon war during which he was injured, resulting in lifelong physical disabilities. During the long recovery period in the hospital Ron realized that “this is going to be the lowest point in my life, and from here I will be the person I know I can be: with or without the wheelchair”. 
Ron returned to his first love - music. He participated in the 9th season of the Israeli TV reality series “Kochav Nolad” and with time became an international ambassador of Israel and the IDF. Today he lives, writes, composes, performs and records in Los Angeles. 
In this show, Ron embarks the audience on an emotional rollercoaster while creating a joint artistic and unforgettable experience.

Focus: Physical disability, Empowerment and leadership

Suitable age: 15-99



This show follows the journey of a unique girl and her friend who seek their way in a normative environment - together they learn about accepting those who are different and also… themselves! 

The musical is based on the successful book  “Scribbled Scrabble”.  The book follows 7 years-old Noga, a girl full of imagination. Quite clumsy and confused, Noga wears glasses and has curly hair… In engineering class she has a hard time drawing a perfect triangle like everyone else. Instead she draws in her notebook a wild and artistic scribble… The heroine is in fact an entangled creature, who stands out on the background of a well organized, normative society, at least at first glance. 
The play is written in a clear and intelligent language, accessible to children and adults. Among the questions raised is the place of the individual in the society, self-conception and the tension between individualism as a value and the need to fit in as an active and creative person in a functioning society. 

Playwright: Noga Algom and Tal Ben-Bina | Music: Rani Golan

Focus: Acceptance of other

Suitable age: 4-9