A breakthrough musical play for all children, specially conceived for the hearing impaired,
in which one sees and touches the sounds.


Touching the Sounds with Beethoven - Clip
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A unique show combining music, play and science - Inspired by Beethoven’s life story, who despite his deafness continued to compose masterpieces. The orchestra's frequencies are processed in real time, creating a new accessible way of experiencing music - via sight and touch, using Cymatics based technology (the science of sound waves effect on matter). Enjoyable and fascinating for all children. A story about friendship, the human spirit and its ability to overcome disabilities.

Suitable age: 4-11

Music: Ludwig Van Beethoven
Show creator: Yoram Lachish
Co-writing, Directors and Actors: Fyodor Makarov (Beethoven) and Losha Gavrielov (Hans)
Cymatics: Mordechai Braunstein
Conductor: Yshai Steckler
Orchestra: 30 players chamber orchestra

Watch Channel 13 media coverage of the project

Touching the Sounds with Beethoven - Reshet 13 Udi Segal 2018
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Allows children to experience classical music in a new intriguing manner

- Iris Paris, Israeli Ministry of Education

Smart, interesting and creative. So interesting to discover more ways to experience music

- Michal Reshef, speech therapist

A wonderful opportunity to create a solution and breakthrough in an area craving such innovation

- Doron Salomon, conductor

Superb, exciting and touching. Acting that is praiseworthy, serious, deeply addressing the subject without being gushy or childish, rather, serious and compassionate

- Clair Meghnagi, singer