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Workshops and lessons with the principle of accessibility at core 


An innovative project making guitar playing accessible to people with disabilities. The workshop will teach how to play the instrument and showcase the inspirational stories behind entrepreneurship and self-fulfillment. 

Boaz Rainshriber is a guitar player and a music teacher whose life changed after his encounter with Gil - a girl with cerebral paralysis whose dream was to play music with her  friends despite her disability.  He decided to make her dream come true and became the entrepreneur and founder of Arcana, a company that develops innovative guitars accessible to people with physical disabilities. 

During the Workshop, participants will get the possibility to try out the Arcana guitars and to take part in a performance. The fascinating story of the founders will raise the questions of creativity, accessibility, entrepreneurship and self fulfilment.

Focus: Paralysis

Suitable age: 9-99



Bikers and wheelchair users turn their vehicles into an orchestra in order to play a piece composed especially for them and performed in front of a live audience - No previous musical background is required.

An experimental workshop ending with a show! The participants bring there bicycles or wheelchairs which are then amplified through a touch microphone, turning them into electro-acoustic music instruments. 

During the workshop, participants investigate the possibilities of sounds while learning an original music composed especially for their “instruments”. The piece is taught through a series of graphic instruction (without music notes). At the end of the workshop the participants will perform the piece in front of a live audience. 


Host: Daniel Davidovsky, artist and musician.

Focus: Wheelchair users

Suitable age: 15-99



A workshop which connects the act of performing to musical creativity even for non-musicians. Its goal is to encourage creativity, expression, mutual listening and concentration, even in the darkness. 

The workshop allows its participants to build amplified electro-acoustic instruments from day-to-day objects and thus to develop a creative language through sounds. During the workshop, the participants play with their instruments either spontaneously or guided by the host. 

The workshop is suitable for various groups: For people with communication difficulties, (primarily those on the autistic spectrum), for companies that want to engage in group exercises, educators, therapists, and for artistic community projects or educational content for children and teenager programs. 

The Workshop can be experienced with emphasis on a missing sense - sight. In the dark, using the sense of vision and audition, participants can explore the connection between matter and sound. 

Host: Daniel Davidovsky, artist and musician. 

Focus: Autism

Suitable age: 8-99



A workshop focusing on senses in which you can see and touch music, get an insight into the world of the hearing and visual impaired and learn about the concept of disability as an opportunity. 

The lack of senses drastically affects our perception of reality but also opens windows to other worlds. Researches show for example that the lack of one sense is very often “compensated” by another. 

During the workshop we will investigate the experience of missing a sense while using live music (cello) and Cymatic based technology that translates sounds in a natural manner without computer intervention. We will experiment the wonders of nature - how sand changes its shape and creates wonderful geometrical shapes, how a drop of water reacts to sound, and how one can feel music at his fingertips through vibrating water. 

Through the various experiments, we will observe the way our senses are in relation to each other and how the lack of one sense affects the way we use the others. We will discover new senses we are not aware of - but which we can sense music with. 

Sensory deprivation experience will be our conversation base as we’ll be experiencing reality from the visual and hearing impaired point of view, understanding their challenges and their strength. We’ll ask ourselves what we, as a community, can gain from accessibility and from integrating people with disabilities. 

Cymatics: Mordechai Braunstein
Cello: TBA

Focus: Living with and without senses

Suitable age: 9-99



An educational and touching story time, with a scribble creativity workshop, whose theme is otherness and above all accepting the other…and ourselves! An encounter with the beloved children author Noga Algom.

Noga Algom sings and tells the story of her book Scribbled Scrabble in an enticing theatrical way. She raises questions stirring imagination and thought: “If we were triangles… what could we be? And if we were scribbles?”, “To be a scribble in a world of shapes is it good or bad?”, “Why is it so important for us to love ourselves?”, “Why is it good to not be like everyone?”,”What makes me different?”, “aren’t we all… different?”
At the end of the Workshop, Noga will create personal “scribbles” with the children  using drawing, sculpture, and movement. 

Host: Noga Algom, author and storyteller

​Focus: Acceptance of others

Suitable age: 5-8

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